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Rehabs in Anoka

Rehabs in Anoka

Anoka County is located in the state of Minnesota in the US. The county seat is Anoka city. It is the namesake of this province. Despite many addicted patients, there are few rehabs in Anoka. 


Evaluation is the first step toward healing. You may get it at the independent “Alcohol assessment center” agency (763-432-1311). According to the state regulation, like in Dakota, it is called “Rule 25”.  To clarify, the state charter governs the evaluation process. Furthermore, they are subject to Minnesota Administrative Rules 25xxx. It helps low-income or uninsured patients receive special therapy. 

The assessors and clients must follow this rule. Physicians can quickly diagnose illness issues via interview. You have to answer 50 questions on the following themes: 

  • Past and present substance use
  • Chemical misuse issues
  • Previous and present legal problems
  • Health concerns
  • Well-being
  • Entertainment activities
  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Employment

With the help of inquiries, assessors determine if a person needs rehabilitation services. Then, professionals provide results and a recommendation letter to you. They assist you to find a relevant addiction clinic. Also, you can submit it when DWI and DUI are necessary. 

Substance Abuse Facilities 

Each professional institution shows a personalized approach to its clients. Consequently, Anoka rehabs are full of various programs. The most common are outpatient and inpatient services. Reading this article, you will find all of them described in the different paragraphs. 

Types of Specialty Rehabilitations 

Each social group requires separate care․ In this region, you will find the following specialized facilities. 

  • “Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise” provides services for individuals who suffer from substance abuse. Their programs are designed for adults, children, and families. You can call them at (651) 431-2700. 
  • If you are looking for men’s rehab you may apply to the “Riverplace Counseling Center”. After the main courses, they provide extended care. It involves a long stay to receive extra therapy. Please, contact them at (763) 421-5590. 
  • If you or your loved one need drug and alcohol rehab with the co-occurring program, then the “Transformation House” is right for you. You may get in touch with them at (763) 427-7155.  

In addition, the most complex group among these are the patients with a co-occurring disorder. It occurs when an individual has substance abuse addiction and psychiatric disorders a the same time. It very often requires a drug cure. 

Physicians heal chemical dependency and mental illness separately. The reason is that one of them always starts to develop first. Individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders and then turning to drugs and alcohol try to self-medicate. It is mainly related to the fight against mental illness. 

Drug use changes the brain chemistry causing the transformation of mood and behavior. Long-term usage causes these alterations to become permanent, leading to mental disease. To avoid all this, you need to apply to the relevant clinics.  

Costs of Luxury Alcohol Programs 

“Greenhaven Therapy” is an elite residential complex that offers various therapeutic procedures. Generally, their prices are higher because of their high-level care. 

For more specific information, contact them at ​(763)-203-3164 or email at info@greenhaventherapy.com. 

How to Pay Without Insurance? 

Not having insurance is not the issue. Each rehabilitation facility determines the method of payment. If your financial resources are not enough, you can use “Rule 25” described above. But you must meet these requirements: 

  • be a resident of MN
  • show the authorization number with the recommendation letter for the first meeting 

How to Help Your Teen? 

There are several ways to help your teen when he is addicted. You ought to talk to him and show your care and love towards him. Besides, an intervention modality is a good option to help him. Moreover, you should ask for advice from professionals. For this purpose, teen challenge rehab centers utilize specifically developed plans for teens.

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